Spectra DET-2 Theodolite

Price on Application


The Spectra Precision® DET-2 is a rugged, costeffective theodolite designed to give accurate angle measurements in general construction applications.

The affordable, versatile, easy to use instrument and accessories will increase your productivity when turning angles and setting elevations and lines.


  • Establishing 90 degree reference lines
  • Checking angles, alignment, and plumb
  • Anchor bolt alignment
  • Gravity flow pipe laser setup
  • Steel column placement
  • Alignment of forms, tilt-up walls, and curtain walls
  • Basic grade work
  • Short range leveling

Features & Benefits

  • 2” angular accuracy - accurate enough for any construction job, yet the display resolution can be tailored to any operator’s preferences for fast readings
  • Vertical axis compensation - tilt sensor provides the highest level of accuracy and can be turned on or off depending on job requirements
  • Dual LCD with large characters - easy to see angle readings eliminate errors and reduces eye fatigue
  • Back-lit LCD and telescope reticle - allows work in low light conditions including indoors and extended hours near dawn and dusk
  • Simple six button keypad - quick setups and simple operation with low operator learning curve
  • Large suite of programmable settings – provide multiple options for various users and job requirements including zero position of vertical angle
  • Measurement units in degrees, gon, or mils
  • 90 degree angle audible notification - for quick turning and set out of right angles
  • Instant conversion of vertical angles to percent of grade - convenient for slope work and when used in conjunction with DialGrade® pipe work.
  • NiMH rechargeable battery pack and charger - lower operating cost with reusable batteries
  • Alkaline battery pack standard - provides backup and eliminates downtime if the charge is lost in the middle of a job
  • Battery status indicator - no power surprises and allows for better planning
  • Automatic shutoff - conserves battery life when not in use - can be disabled if desired
  • IP54 environmental rating - dust and water resistance withstands the tough conditions of the construction environment


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