Troglotech T804 Sewer Inspection Camera

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The T804 is designed to be fully portable, powered by an advanced power cell which allows up to six hours operation from a single charge with recharge achieved in hours. The power cell simply snaps into the frame and is automatically connected to the system. The T804 utilises the proven reliability of the T800 camera from Troglotech.

The picture to the right here shows the fully loaded T804 complete with power cell, text writer and DVR, ready for a day's inspection work.

Portability is nothing if you need to carry a video recorder, the T804 has a custom designed high resolution digital video recorder built in to the display unit. The recorder is designed for the industrial market and includes useful features such as:

  • One touch recording
  • One touch playback
  • Up to 8 hours recording time
  • Fully waterproof
  • Audio recording

The T804 can be supplied in many configurations, the base system includes 5.6" high-brightness LCD monitor, high accuracy rod counter, 61M (200ft) of specialist rod and On-Screen-Display. The display unit includes composite video outputs and inputs.

The top-level unit also includes a fully integrated text writer, power cell and digital video recorder. The T804 system is fully compatible with Wincan reporting software. Troglotech is an approved Wincan-compatible manufacturer.

This digital push-rod system can be configured to operate vertically or horizontally where access is limited. Control of the rod is achieved with the assistance of a proportional brake which allows fine friction adjustment.

This system is easily transportable, is perfectly balanced and allows the display unit to be folded flat giving access to a sculpted handle. The unit is designed to be operated in all weathers and is fully sealed against water ingress. The frame and coiler is constructed from thick-walled tubing which is powder coated. The mechanical design is modular and has easily replaceable major assemblies for simple servicing.

This fully digital system records directly onto CF card with the option of transfer to DVD on-site. The CF card is fully solid-state with no moving-parts and is highly robust. It does not suffer from damage as DVD disks can and requires no 'finalising' or further manipulation. The Troglotech recorder uses the industry-standard MPEG format for direct viewing on any PC running Windows. Using this system Troglotech avoids the weaknesses of recording directly to DVD which is not suitable for this environment.

The usual downside to digital recording is the complicated control system, Troglotech has designed their system to be easier to use than VHS recording. One touch recording and one touch playback is further enhanced by on-screen display of remaining record time, again enabled by a one-touch display button. No need for tape rewinding or the worries of high humidity this digital recorder keeps going in all weathers.

Base Unit

  • Advanced Power Cell operation - up to 8-hours of operation from a single charge
  • Frame constructed from thick-walled powder - coated tubing
  • Enclosures all machined from solid materials
  • Complete system waterproof to IP67
  • Safe, battery operation
  • Can be charged from a 12V socket
  • Can be charged from mains supply
  • High-brightness, daylight-viewing LCD screen with on-screen controls

The Integral DVR

  • One - touch recording
  • One - touch play
  • Audio recording
  • 32 Hours of recording time on a single flash card
  • Recording type: MPEG4 - compatible with Windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac
  • Integral with the display unit - waterproof to IP68
  • Recording media: CF Card
  • Time & Date stamp
  • Advanced control Fast Forward and Fast Reverse x 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32

Our Cameras

  • High Definition, 540 lines pph
  • Waterproof to IP68
  • Digital Clarity - produces a sharp, noise-free picture in low-light conditions
  • Highly robust with Stainless-steel construction
  • Sapphire windows
  • Shock-mounts on the T800 camera
  • Auto-upright on the standard T800 camera
  • ‘Human Perspective View’ on the T812 Pan and Tilt Camera
  • Custom LED lighting on all cameras

Integral Textwriter

  • 9 - pages of text available
  • One-touch selection of pages
  • 3 display modes
  • Text is auto-saved as you type, no data is lost if power is removed
  • Internal clock-calendar, allows time and date to be displayed on-screen
  • Highly accurate rod-counter allows the survey distance to be shown on- screen
  • Differential measurements can be made
  • One touch on/off for all screen elements (time, date, counter and text)
  • Upper and lower-case text available
  • T800 auto-uprighting camera
  • Integral Digital Video Recorder - up to 32 Hours recording on one Flash card
  • 9-page Textwriter with rod-counter, time & date and various display modes
  • Power Cell - up to 8-hours use from a single charge
  • High-Brightness monitor - designed for daylight use with sun-shade
  • Full skid set for 3”, 4” and 6”
  • Mains Charger with country-specific Mains Lead
  • Full User Manual
  • 61 Metres (200 feet) of reinforced, flexible rod

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T804 - Start of the Day Routine


T804 - How to Change Cameras


T804 - Fitting Brush Skids to Cameras

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