Vivax vCam MX-2 Camera Heads

Camera: D18 camera head
£1,895 exc. VAT


The versatile vCamMX-2 mini-camera system is a compact all-in-one inspection camera at an affordable price. Available in 100'/30m and 150'/45m pushrod lengths and with two sizes of user changeable cameras ,the system can inspect lines from 2"/50mm to 4"/100mm.

D18-MX D26-MX
0.70" / 18mm diameter 1" / 26mm diameter
2" / 50mm to 3" / 76mm 3" / 76mm to 6" / 152mm
Stainless-steel housing with sapphire lens
1 year standard warranty
Camera exchange program is available


  • Small enough profile for use in confined areas or roof tops.
  • Stainless steel and carbon fiber construction.
  • Available in 100'/30M or 150'/45M of mini size pushrod.
  • Three frequency sonde and traceable

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