Work Winch - WO1

£846 exc. VAT


The WO1 Work Winch can be used for material handling or, with a secondary system, for man riding.

When raising or lowering personnel, a back-up system must be used.

Due to a positive pawl engagement the load can only be moved when the handle is turned.

With a high mechanical efficiency (1:9) raising and lowering require little effort.

The winch is a portable piece of equipment of robust construction and is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

With a safe working load of 350kg and a rope length of 35m, the\ winch is well suited to repeated use over a confined space.

Winch specification:

  • Weight 22kg
  • Safe working load 350kg
  • Wire rope length 35m
  • Wire rope 6mm 6 x 19 fibre core
  • 2000kg Breaking Load

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