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Cable & Pipe Detectors

As industry standards get more and more regulated, it makes sense to buy the best and most recent cable and pipe location technology.

Using our products, you can improve safety whilst saving time and money!

At One Point Survey, we can supply 2 manufacturers of cable & pipe detectors:

  • Radiodetection
  • Cabledetection


One Point Survey Cable Detectors - Our Cable Detectors & Drain Inspection Cameras

Radiodetection have used their 30 years of cable avoidance experience to produce the C.A.T4™ and Genny4™ range - finding buried utilities has never been so fast, simple and safe!

The C.A.T4™ range of cable locators offers quality cable location as standard as well as optional StrikeAlert and CalSafe features.

These tools reduce the risk of personal injury and damage to utilities on any excavation job where cables and pipes may be encountered.

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Best Radiodetection Cable Detector

Winner: gCAT4+

The new gC.A.T4 cable detector includes the StrikeAlert and CALSafe software as standard as well as GPS / GNSS capabilities and much more!

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gCAT4+ Cable detector available at one point survey - Our Cable Detectors & Drain Inspection Cameras


When purchasing a cable detector, it is important to consider accessories that you might need. Thankfully, we offer a range of accessories for both our Radiodetection and Cabledetection range!

For the both manufacturers we can provide accessories such as a Signal Clamp & Generators(all of which help to detect signals, even if a cable is not live). We also offer a variety of Sondes to help with the detection of nonconductive utilities.

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Pipe Tracers & Cobras

One Point Survey Pipe Tracers & Cobra™ - Our Cable Detectors & Drain Inspection Cameras

Also on offer at One Point Survey is a wide variety of Pipe Tracers & Cobras.

Pipe tracers are important tools that can provide a lightweight solution for locating ducts, pipes and drains. We have a range of these time saving tools available in different widths and lengths!

Our Cobra range is just as varied and just as helpful! This equipment gives a compact and labour saving solution for cable installation whether installing cables in ducts, threading draw ropes through pipes or when using with a Sonde transmitter for locating pipes and blockages.

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Drain Inspection Cameras

One Point Survey Drain inspection Cameras™ - Our Cable Detectors & Drain Inspection Cameras

We stock a wide range of CCTV Drain Inspection Cameras to hire and for sale!

Our inspection cameras and drain camera systems (sometimes known as drain snakes or snake cameras) provide the highest quality when looking to locate a problem in a drain, pipe or other enclosed area.

Our recommended inspection cameras are the Vivax Vcam 5 and Troglotech T804. They offer one-touch recording, one-touch playback, audio recording as well as 8 hours recording time.

The One Point CCTV Drain Inspection Camera is an excellent budget option. It is a full inspection system to cater for all drain inspection needs. 

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Best Drain Inspection Camera

Winner: Vivax vCam-5

The vCam-5 inspection system from Vivax-Metrotech gives you the flexibility to cover a range of inspections including indoor drain lines, municipal collection systems and more. 

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Vivax vCam-5 - Available at One Point Survey - Our Cable Detectors & Drain Inspection Cameras

Buying & Hire

One Point Survey are happy to offer these items to buy or hire. Our hire services cover the south of England & beyond including: -

  •  Berkshire
  •  Cornwall
  •  Devon
  •  Dorset
  •  Gloucestershire
  •  Hampshire
  •  Somerset
  •  Surrey
  •  Sussex
  •  Wiltshire 

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